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Animal Místico, 2014

I can now reveal my piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s Animystics show. This is a great show as Light Grey Art Lab will be donating a portion of the proceeds from Animystics to Feline Rescue Inc,Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, and the Animal Humane Society. These worthy organization’s efforts provide humane animal care and help find hundreds of homes for animals in need.

The creative process for this one was quite interesting. I draw a feline and a wolf like creatures. There are twins in every generation of my father`s family. So, there are always stories involving doubles in my family. Maybe this is why there is this story that I was born twice. My mother lost a baby before having me and I was born the exact same day and hour of the day that I the other baby was removed, one precise year later.  I grew up with this kind of myth that I was two persons. And I have two professions, so I think that my spirit animal reflects this duality.

Physical Attributes: Belisa is extremely large in size. It looks like a feline, with ray beams coming out of the eyes. Sometimes Belisa can take a different form- a black dog creature, with spines coming out of its back.

Mystical Attributes: The creature has the ability to disperse the particles of anything solid that encounters her gaze.

Healing Powers: This creature is also able to ease congestion, pain, and suffering.

More info here:

Animystics : Spirit Animals, Totems & Familiars
Opening Reception Friday, April 25th
Runs through May 31st, 2013
7 – 10 pm @ Light Grey Art Lab
118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 USA

The exhibition opens April 25th, and will stay up until May 23rd. It is a long time to check it out!

 Prints:Light Grey Art Lab prints

Facebook Event page: Animystics Show Facebook Pageveliz_animalmistico_2



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